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Soo Greyhounds, local CMHA to raise awareness about mental health at upcoming game

Stress pucks and other swag available for fans who visit the Talk Today table on the concourse
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On Feb. 12,  the Soo Greyhounds and Canadian Mental Health Association, Sault Ste. Marie Branch are teaming up to raise awareness about the importance of mental health during an upcoming Hounds home game.

The Soo Greyhound Game on Feb. 12 at 7:07 p.m. will feature:

  • A CMHA-run kiosk so fans can learn more about mental health and Talk Today
  • Videos featuring Greyhound players talking about the importance of mental health
  • Public address announcements about mental health
  • Stress pucks/swag for fans who visit the Talk Today table

The awareness campaign is part of the ongoing commitment by the Soo Greyhounds and CMHA to implement Talk Today, presented by Teachers Life. Talk Today provides mental health support to players and raises awareness about mental health and suicide prevention throughout communities across the Ontario Hockey League.

A key piece of the Talk Today program has been to educate players about mental health and suicide prevention. Every team has received mental health training specific to suicide prevention. Each team is also now linked to a CMHA Mental Health Coach, who provides support and mental health resources to individuals in need.