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Racing helped Dustin set a Guinness world record

Fast cars are in his blood
Photo courtesy Dustin Jackson

Dustin Jackson has been around racing as long as he can remember.

He’s still young, but heavily involved in stock car racing and has made a name for himself with some of his accomplishments.

SooToday chatted with Jackson recently as part of our Q&A series, discussing a variety of topics.

Q: What’s your first sports memory?

A: My first sports memory was at the racetrack growing up watching my dad and my family members race at Laird International Raceway.

Q: What other sports are you interested in that people wouldn’t expect.?

A: I am very interested in hockey. I have played since I was 4 and grew up watching the NHL and following the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Q: Who are two people, dead or alive, that you would like to have dinner with and why?

A: I would like to have dinner with the legends of my favourite sports which would be Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Wayne Gretzky, I would really like to hear some of their memories and things they did to become so successful.

Q: What non-sports career are you interested in and why?

A: I’m interested in being an auto mechanic or heavy equipment because I love to work on motorized vehicles and I know where there’s lots of job opportunities in that trade.

Q: What person, living or dead, do you admire most and why?

A: I admire my dad and I am thankful to have him put me in this sport and create so many good times and memories along the way.

Q: If you could be commissioner for a day, what changes would you make to the sport?

A:  If I was able to make changes to the sport there’s not a whole lot I would want to do, but If I had control over NASCAR, I would make them into much shorter races and try and make it more entertaining for the fans.

Q: What’s the most important life lesson you’ve learned?

A: The most important life lesson I’ve learned would be to focus on school and get a good education to have a good career.

Q: What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: I was awarded and received at the age of 10 a certificate from the Guinness World Records for being the youngest stock car driver.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: I would choose to fly because you could go anywhere you want and you don’t have to pay for a plane.

Q: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you?

A: Fresh water, a knife and a fishing line.