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Here's what went down at Laird International Raceway on the weekend

It was opening night

Friday night racing at Laird started off the 2019 race season. 

The weather has not been in our favor and fans, drivers and officials alike watched every cloud earlier in the day. 

However with a little good luck the weather held and we had a beautiful night to race. As the cars rolled in, the fans were able to see veteran drivers and rookies alike heat up the track in four divisions.

Our Atomic Blonde 4 -cyl class had a lineup of three new rookie drivers out for their first time on the track; Kayla Kurnell in the Team 88 car who was also fast qualifier, Jason Kern in the 12, Ben Cushley in the 37, and accompanying them was veteran driver Andrew Premo car 59. 

Randy Larret in the Enduro car took the checkered flag in the heat race with Jason Kern coming in second. The 4-cyl feature was affected by mechanical issues and will be made up next week.

Service Rental Factory stock saw old favorites and rookies really putting on a show of clean racing. The fast qualifier was Buddy Palahnuk, driving No. 26. The 20-lap feature race won by Gerry Ross in the No. 01 with Buddy Palahnuk taking second.  

NAPA Auto Parts Modified cars roared to life in 2019 with Mark Porpealia in No. 28 taking fast qualifying and Mark Laakkso in No. 84 winning the heat race, and after a nail-biting run in the 40-lap feature, driver Mark Porpealia's No. 28 car came out on top with Jake Irwin, No. 21, in second.

Northern Fencing Late Models rolled in with Dan Byrnes, in No. 46, taking fast qualifying and the heat race, with Dustin Jackson, No. 61, in second for the night. Jackson took the checkered in the four-car dash. However, after mechanical failure the feature was called and we will see them back at it next weekend

Race fans also got some bus action during intermission in the five-lap bus race inverted on the track. Everyone cheered when Reed Gort, No. 8g, took to the track with his Mini wedge for a couple laps, and Randy Larret, in car No. 72, joined the 4-cyl class in his Enduro car so everyone can see how excited these guys are to race. The Enduro date will be decided shortly.

Our 50/50 draw winner, Randy Foster, took home $670, with the proceeds going to the Girls Jr Greyhounds Bantam, a hockey team from the Female Hockey Association.  

Next race is scheduled for Friday, July 5. Join us for Late Model Rumble right here at Laird Raceway where speed belongs