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Zombies and more zombies (41 photos)

...and Batman

Even the undead feel good about supporting charity.

The 8th annual Soo Zombie Walk attracted hundreds to the Canadian Buhplane Heritage Centre Saturday evening for games, prizes and live music all in support of the Soup Kitchen Community Centre.

There, we found zombie brides, a zombie Minion, zombie Donald Trump (who just wants to make Hell great again), zombie Marilyn Monroe and zombie Audrey Hepburn.

Oh, and Batman. Not zombie Batman. Just Batman.

A much smaller, but equally as enthusiastic group of resistance fighters battled the undead horde along the walk route, valiantly protecting the public and its brains.


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Donna Hopper

About the Author: Donna Hopper

Donna Hopper has been a photojournalist with SooToday since 2007, and her passion for music motivates her to focus on area arts, entertainment and community events.
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