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Workweek Outlook: A warmer November didn't keep the snow away

Mother Nature capitalized on all the snow she could muster

November will end, with average temperatures being nearly a full degree warmer than usual over the last month. Interestingly, we will count over 70 cm at the end of this month – that's 30 cm more than we usually measure in November. So when it was cold this last month, Mother Nature capitalized on all the snow she could muster.

On Monday, skies will be mostly cloudy, with 1-3 cm of light snow in the evening and overnight. Daytime highs will climb above the freezing mark in the afternoon and reach +2°C.

Cloudy skies with the risk of afternoon showers mixed with flurries arrive Tuesday as temperatures climb to near +4°C. Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with light rain mixed with snow in the evening when daytime highs reach +3°C.

Thursday will be one last day with temperatures above freezing, and then a cold northwest builds throughout the day that will bring colder air into the region for the end of the week and possibly more snow squalls.