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Wind gusted to 83 km/h in the Sault, yesterday: Environment Canada

Also confirms tornado in Ottawa area and high temperature records broken in areas of southern Ontario
2018-09-21 tornado damage dunrobin
Storm damage at Dunrobin Plaza near Ottawa following severe storm. Photo/ Tom Smetana Check for more information on yesterday's tornado

Weather summary for Ontario and the national capital region issued by Environment Canada at 1:28 a.m. on Saturday 22 September 2018.


Environment and Climate Change Canada confirms tornado in eastern Ontario on Friday, Sept. 21.

A cold front tracked over southern Ontario and much of northeastern Ontario resulting in widespread strong winds and severe thunderstorms. One severe thunderstorm produced a tornado that tracked over Kinburn, Dunrobin and Gatineau. Reports in these areas included numerous buildings that were damaged or severely damaged, vehicles that were overturned as well as many trees and utility poles that were snapped. there were also reports of many injuries including several people that were critically injured.

Environment and Climate Change Canada will be conducting damage surveys Saturday to determine the strength and exact track of this tornado.

Any reports of damage can be sent to Environment and Climate Change Canada by email or tweeting reports using #onstorm.

Additionally, strong wind gusts were reported throughout southern Ontario and northeastern Ontario, some of the strongest being reported withing thunderstorms. Scattered tree damage and power outages were reported throughout southern Ontario.

Below is a sumary of peak wind gusts observed in kilometres per hour as of 11 p.m. EDT on Sept. 21.

Killarney: 100 
Gore Bay: 96 
Sudbury: 91 
Earlton: 87 
Peterborough Airport: 87 
Gatineau: 85 
Oshawa Airport: 83 
Sault Ste. Marie: 83 
Toronto Island Airport: 83 
North Bay: 82 
Toronto Pearson Airport: 82 
Borden: 80 
St. Catharines: 80 
Wiarton: 80 

Ahead of the cold front, a hot humid airmass had setteled into southern Ontario. Several temperature records were broken for Sept. 21.

Location and record maximum temperature in degrees Celcius: 

Toronto Pearson Airport 
Maximum temperature: 32.2 
Previous record 31.1 set in 1965 

Hamilton Airport
Maximum temperature: 30.5 
Previous record 29.4 set in 1965 

London Airport
Maximum temperature: 29.9 
Previous record 28.9 set in 1970

Maximum temperature: 29.6 
Previous record 28.3 set in 1965 

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial information and does not constitute a complete or final report.