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'Wind farms are just gilded cons'

The following letter was submitted today by Al Errington of Errington's Wilderness Island in Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario.

The following letter was submitted today by Al Errington of Errington's Wilderness Island in Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario.

Errington feels the McGuinty Government's spending on wind farms "is really just a gilded con that has put tremendous effort into green washing themselves and the politicians who fund them at substantial cost to Ontario's taxpayers."

The following letter is addressed to Kelly Matheson in regards to the proposed Bow Lake Wind Farm project.

Kelly Matheson
Bow Lake Phase 2 Wind Farm Ltd.
c/o BluEarth Renewables, Inc.
200, 4723 1st Street S.W.
Calgary, AB T2G 4Y8

Dear Ms. Matheson:

Regarding: Bow Lake Wind Farm notice entitled "Public Notice Under the Public Lands Act - Geotechnical Investigations" in the February 29/12 editions of the Sault Star and the Sault This Week newspapers.

The Lake Superior Coast is a high quality, pristine natural area that our regional tourism industry depends on for viability.

Our Lake Superior coast is rated by Canada Tourism as one of the 10 Best Drives in Canada.

Industrialization of our Lake Superior coast would damage our regional tourism industry which supports thousands of jobs and substantial economic benefits for our region.

Windmills are an unnecessary and damaging industrialization of a substantial socio-economic asset of our region.

Windmills are a paracitic industry that cons gullible politicians into funding profits on the backs of hard working tax payers.

The claims of windmills being a green industry are extremely dubious given the toxic impacts of the manufacturing processes of the generators and blades, the substantial transportation costs for placement and erection, the environmental and tax costs of creating transmission infrastructure to transport electricity vast distances from production point to point of consumption, the substantial line loss of subsidized electricity in the transmission, the need to have other types of generating capacity anyway because wind power is extremely unreliable, and the legacy of millions of tons of toxic waste in the blades and generators that will need to be disposed of in a couple of decades.

And although much of the toxic manufacturing processes take place in third world and exploitive countries, we live on a small world and we have responsibilities to the people of the countries we import products from.

I am strongly opposed to the plan mentioned in the notice.

The notice mentions that Bow Lake Phase 2 Wind Farm Ltd. is proposing to conduct investigations at 39 wind turbine locations, which would include developing drill rig access roads, clearing the trees from the locations and drilling boreholes at each of the 39 locations and at the location of a proposed transformer station as well as transporting personnel and support equipment to the locations.

The map included in the notice also proposes three MET tower locations.

I believe your group should do the right thing and abandon this project.

As an independent business person I am apalled at businesses such as yours that profit a public expense.

Our Ontario Government has serious financial issues as a result of funding “businesses” such as yours and Ontario has a difficult future as our government cuts services and infrastructure that support socio-economic opportunity here in Ontario such as education, communication, transportation and health care.

Our government has accumulated substantial public debt funding “bling” industries such as wind mills.

I am strongly opposed to granting your group permission to continue with their geotechnical investigations.

Al Errington