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Weekend Outlook: Sunshine, then rain on the way

Saturday's humidex will make it feel like mid-30s

This weekend will start with sunshine, but a weakening weather system will move in late Saturday to bring cloud cover and eventually rain. The heat and humidity will peak on Saturday with humidex values near 35, but cooler air arrives with the wet weather on Sunday. If we get lucky, the bulk of the rain will come early Sunday with sunny breaks later in the day.

Friday will be mostly sunny, with temperatures climbing to 27°C on a southerly wind.

The heat keeps building into the region on Saturday, with daytime highs near 30°C under increasing cloud cover. Increased humidity will make it feel more like the mid-30s.

Clouds, showers, and periods of heavier rain move in on Sunday as temperatures slide back to 22°C. We might see some breaks in the clouds during the afternoon.

The clouds and lingering showers continue into Monday but should be followed by sunshine for the rest of the workweek.