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Weekend Outlook: A kind of warm weekend, but please no milkshakes

This weekend's weather will be our only chance for warmth

Over the last 30-years, climate records have established that a typical early November weekend in the Sault should bring daytime highs near 5°C with morning lows near -2°C. By this measure, we have just endured a week of colder than normal weather. With what's coming our way next week and what we've lived through this week, it pains me to say that this weekend's weather will be our only chance at heat.

It pains me because the warmest it's likely going to get is 2°C, and my definition of 'heat' is still several degrees colder than what Mother Nature owes us this weekend. To add insult to injury, we'll also see a bunch of new snow this weekend with a little more snowsquall activity sprinkled in at the end. My goal this weekend is to avoid wearing any milkshakes - if you don't get that reference, then cuddle up with someone and watch 'The Weatherman' this weekend to stay warm.

A high-pressure ridge moves in for Friday to shut down the snowsquall activity and bring a mix of sun and cloud. Skies will likely be a little cloudier north of the city close to the water and a little sunnier to the east. Daytime highs should almost climb back to the freezing mark after a chilly start to the day.

Widespread snow arrives Friday tonight around midnight and continues for most of Saturday with 5-10cm of accumulation likely. The snow may stop for a few hours in the afternoon as temperatures climb above freezing to near 2°C.

Sunday is likely to see lake effect snow start up again, but there should be some breaks in the clouds. A northwest flow is expected so much of the squall activity might miss the city to the west, but we are likely to see some of the action.

Even colder temperatures arrive for next week. Daytime highs on Monday and Tuesday could be 10-15 degrees below normal with overnight lows well into the minus teens and daytime highs struggling to break -10°C.