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Toll rate set to change for Canadian International Bridge crossers

The rate is actually going down April 1. No joke!
Canadian border crossing of the Sault Ste. Marie Internal Bridge. Kenneth Armstrong/SooToday

The International Bridge Administration today announced that one-way traffic crossings of the International Bridge at Sault Ste. Marie totalled 97,845 for the month of February 2018. This figure represents an increase of 11.0 per cent, a difference of 9,660 crossings as compared to February 2017.

An analysis of traffic statistics for the month reveals the following:

Vehicle Classification

One-Way Crossings

Change from February 2017

Percent of Total Crossings

Full-Fare Passenger Cars:


13.3 per cent

34.9 per cent

Commuter Fare:


9.7 per cent

54.3 per cent

Car Pulling Trailers:


12.6 per cent

2.3 per cent

Commercial Trucks:


8.8 per cent

8.5 per cent



11.0 per cent

100.0 per cent

International Bridge customers paying Canadian currency will see the toll rate adjusted due to the current value of the Canadian dollar.

Starting April 1, the passenger vehicle rate for Canadian currency will change from $4.60 to $4.40. The U.S. fare will remain unchanged at $3.50. The commercial vehicle rate will change to $5.65 per axle in Canadian currency, and the U.S. fare will remain at $4.50 per axle.

The three-tiered Canadian currency commuter rates will be $3.96, $3.52, and $3.08. The U.S. commuter rates are unchanged at $2.45, $2.80, and $3.15. IBA's Prox card commuter discount program is based on the number of one-way crossings on each account.

Customers with Prox commuter accounts have online access and payment options, while receiving discounts up to 30 percent off the regular cash rate. Discounts are based on the number of crossings in the previous 30 days. Commuter account balances do not expire.

The changes are effective Sunday, Apr. 1, as a result of the mandated exchange review conducted by bridge officials twice each year.

The International Bridge self-funds operations with toll revenue. Operations include the bridge structure, the Bridge Authority plaza, all maintenance facilities, and all ongoing building support costs and maintenance for the Canada Border Services Agency facility.

As for the construction of the Canadian Plaza Redevelopment Project, it is a Canadian capital project which is financed separately by The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL), through the Canadian Gateways and Border Crossings Fund.