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This donation was 'all about self-esteem'

Laser Advantage MedSpa and Fit Bodies, Fit Minds partnered with Women in Crisis to offer two women Mother's Day spa packages
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Laser Advantage MedSpa and Fit Bodies, Fit Minds recently joined forces to offer two deserving women a very special Mother’s Day experience.

Partnering with Women in Crisis (WIC), the businesses donated makeover, yoga and fitness packages to two women utilizing crisis services.

The aim of the partnership is “to support survivors in rebuilding their self esteem, self worth and confidence level and to support them in their healing process,” said Laser Advantage owner Jennifer Ruscio in a recent news release.

Package recipients were chosen by WIC staff members, Sharon Reid (WIC director of community relations and finance) told SooToday.

“It was an opportunity for two women and we could have definitely have offered it to more than that,” she said. “But being able to offer these packages to two women was nothing short of amazing.”

The two women - whose names must be withheld in order to maintain confidentiality - were were absolutely thrilled when they were informed of the gift provided to them by Laser Advantage MedSpa and Fit Bodies, Fit Minds, Reid told us.

“All of the services offered to them through these generous packages are all about self-esteem,” she explained. “Re-building self esteem that has been compromised through abuse and violence is a tough thing to do, and the Mother’s Day package is so individualized that each of the two women were able to choose what worked best for them at that moment in time. This gift just encourages all things positive.”

In addition to free temporary emergency shelter to victims of violence and abuse, Women in Crisis provides a crisis hotline, 24-7 walk-in support services, confidential counselling, and on-site child care.

For more information about Women in Crisis and its services, please click here.

Also visit Laser Advantage MedSpa and Fit Bodies, Fit Minds online.

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