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VIDEO: These women are as cool as ice

Sault ladies enjoy Women’s Hockey League

From September through April the Sault’s Women’s Hockey League provides a chance for local women to play hockey in an organized setting at Sault and area arenas.

The league, co-founded by Sharon Buehner and Lorie Springall, has something to offer for players across a wide range of ages and skill levels, split into four divisions known as the Big League, Middle League, Beer League and Fun League.

Lindsay Spina and Suzanne Dunn of the Beer League’s Barsanti’s Bruins chatted to SooToday about how they got involved in hockey and who their idols were, as well as discussing the fun aspects of their division.

Big League players tend to be more competitive, while Lindsay and Suzanne told us falls to the ice in their division are accidental (no body checking), the Beer League focusing more on supportive fun and camaraderie.

Information on the Women’s Hockey League, such as how to join and who to contact, can be found on the league’s website