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Ten new stop signs added on Batchewana First Nation territory

Failure to stop for a stop sign carries a fine of $110 and three demerit points
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BATCHEWANA FIRST NATION TERRITORY - Batchewana First Nation Police Service would like to remind the motoring public that there have been ten new stop signs erected at intersections within the community. These signs are posted in both Ojibway and English.

The intersections include the following:

  1. August Street and Bear Creek
  2. Batchewana and Frontenac Street
  3. Frontenac and Pontiac Street
  4. Gran and Pontiac Street
  5. Nebenaigoching and BiDaBan Street
  6. BiDaBan and August Street
  7. August and Nebenaigoching Street
  8. Bawahting and Bear Creek
  9. Bawahting and BiDaBan Street
  10. Waabung and Bawahting Street

Police have been monitoring these intersections and are observing numerous infractions. Under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario section 136(1)(a), the penalty for disobey sign - fail to stop carries a fine of $110 and three demerit points.

While the Batchewana Police Service and its traffic safety partners remain committed to saving lives on our roads, drivers, passengers and the general public play important roles in contributing to safer roads.