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Sullivan wins The Soo’s Got Talent finale (12 photos)

Algoma University student wows em’ in final round, plans on making music his full time career

“It feels awesome,” said Sault musician Adrian Sullivan, speaking to SooToday after winning the second annual The Soo’s Got Talent musical competition’s finale held Friday at Soo Blaster.

Sullivan, 20, was among seven finalists who performed Friday, the competition held in elimination rounds over the past four weeks.

Sullivan, with an impressive voice, acoustic guitar in hand and feeling completely at ease on stage, blew the competition’s judges and audience away with two songs, the first being a cover of George Michael’s Faith, the second his own Something To Believe In.

“It was a really good time, getting to meet everyone and perform with everyone. We all hung out backstage and got to know each other. It’s been fun.”

“I want to be a full time musician one day. That’s the goal,” said Sullivan, 20, an Algoma University psychology student and retail employee.

Sullivan has nine of his own songs on SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform and music sharing website, having written approximately 60 of his own songs over the past four years.

“I’m with a band right now, we’re called The Uncanny Valley, and we’re trying to record a full album. We’ve got about five songs right now, and we’re going to get to about 10 and release them all at once,” Sullivan said.

The singer/songwriter said he began playing music at the age of nine.

“At 15, I really got into the Beatles, and that inspired me to start writing my own songs,” said Sullivan, stating classic rock is his main influence, inspired by bands such as Led Zeppelin and The Who.

“Every person on that stage is a winner to us. We’re proud of you,” said judge Lesley Walsh Tibben as all contestants gathered on stage and awaited the judges final decision.

“It’s been such a pleasure. These judges really care about you guys and have enjoyed watching you grow,” said guest judge Timothy Murphy.

“You guys have all showed us how you’ve grown, and getting to know you guys has been a remarkable journey,” said judge Darren Robertson.

“I’ve seen some of the best talent in Sault Ste. Marie day there’ll be that one guy from the music industry who’ll notice you. I’ve been blown away,” said judge Mike Severin.

The judges said it was particularly tough to make a decision on first place honours between Sullivan and second place contestant Juliana Regan, who also delivered flawless performances of two songs.  

Every artist/group competing in Friday’s final round received a prize, Sullivan winning $1,000.

Money raised from admission prices to The Soo’s Got Talent shows go to ARCH.

Finishing in first through seventh places at Friday’s finals were:

  1. Adrian Sullivan
  2. Juliana Regan
  3. The Apocalypse Afterparty
  4. Coulson Perri
  5. Robert ‘Killabeatz’ Drolet
  6. The Dancing Divas
  7. Bethany Pelletier Lebouef

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