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Sometimes, this City Council gets downright creepy!

Be afraid. Be very afraid!
2016-10-28 haunted Norgoma DMH-2
2016 file photo from the Haunted Norgoma. Donna Hopper/SooToday

As it works to complete its final priority items of business before the Oct. 24 municipal election, Sault Ste. Marie City Council will vote Tuesday on whether to give awards to homeowners and businesses that have the scariest Halloween displays.

The idea was raised last year by Ward 1 Coun. Sandra Hollingsworth.

She and fellow Ward 1 Coun. Paul Christian thought it would be fun to have a Halloween contest similar to the popular Christmas lighting awards.

City staff are recommending two award categories: a citywide residential category with first-, second- and third-place winners, and a business category with one citywide winner.

Nominations would be sought from the public and winners would be selected by the same judges that adjudicate the Christmas lighting awards.

City staff would reach out to nominated property owners and/or tenants to ensure they want to participate.

Winners would receive a scary plaque.

Staff are suggesting that if the city clerk's office is tasked with administering the new Halloween Spirit Awards program, they shouldn't be traumatized with having to run municipal elections and a creepy contest at the same time.

So there would be no Halloween Spirit awards during election years.

This week's City Council meeting will be livestreamed on SooToday starting at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.