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Sometimes the signs themselves can be an issue

With so many candidate signs lining the streets before the upcoming federal election, it is no surprise some could have been better placed.

With so many candidate signs lining the streets before the upcoming federal election, it is no surprise some could have been better placed.

SooToday found two signs in particular which stood out among the hundreds seen across the city, both along McNabb Street. 

One sign — for NDP candidate Skip Morrison — was placed just over 3 feet from the memorial near the site of the motorvehicle collision that took the life of police Constable Donald Ducet in 2006.

A little further up McNabb, near Willow Street, a rigid, wood-framed sign — for Conservative candidate Bryan Hayes — was placed just 18 inches from the spout of a fire hydrant, close enough that it would need to be moved in case the hydrant needed to be used.

A representative for the Sault Ste. Marie Professional Fire Fighters Association said any obstacle, no matter how small, takes away from the tasks needed to protect life and property. 

He added with limited staffing on fire trucks, that can have detrimental effects.

In response, the Bryan Hayes campaign said the following, “While we cannot say for sure, our sign team is well aware not to place a sign that close to a curb or fire hydrant. Given the physical damage to the sign, it might have been moved. In any event, we are sending our sign crew out now to remove.”

As for the Morrison sign, someone involved with the placing of the memorial — which is not on city property — said they thought placement of an election sign immediately adjacent was in bad taste.

On an intersection with four corners, all three candidates have signs on the same corner as the memorial but signs for Liberal candidate Terry Sheehan and Bryan Hayes of the Conservative Party are about 15 feet away. 

SooToday reached out to the Skip Morrison campaign, which sent the following, “Thank you for bringing the ‎concern to our attention, the sign has been moved to show appropriate respect to the memorial. In consultation with the volunteer crew who placed the sign, I am certain the sign was moved closer to the memorial site by someone other than a member of Skip Morrison's team. It is our goal to ensure that our signs are placed respectfully and we are always willing to move a sign which is causing concern. The campaign is ready to receive feedback and to respond quickly.”

Both signs have since been relocated.

(PHOTOS: An election sign for Skip Morrison is seen adjacent to a memorial for a police officer, while a sign for Bryan Hayes is shown next to a fire hydrant in photos taken September 17, 2015. Kenneth Armstrong/SooToday)

Kenneth Armstrong

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