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Sault College celebrates 'love and unity' at annual powwow (12 photos)

People pack college for weekend of tradition, cultural expression – and dancing mascots

Sault College hosted its annual powwow Saturday and Sunday, bringing together dancers, singers and the public for a weekend of cultural expression. 

A number of vendors and artisans were also set up to sell food and Indigenous art throughout the weekend during the 'love and unity'-themed event. 

Saturday saw the annual mascot dance-off, which featured the pow wow dancing efforts of Mr. Bon Soo, Dash (Soo Greyhounds mascot) and Corby the Cougar, who notably broke out into some hoop dancing during the dance-off. 

This year's pow wow featured local drum groups Good Time Ojibway and Badger Hill in addition to Barbara Nolan and Ted Recollet as head elders, Beej Syrette as arena director, Bnaaswi Biiaaswah as head veteran and Joel Syrette as master of ceremonies.