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Sault business with unique product breaks into U.S. market (5 photos)

"We give a 30-year warranty."

A Sault business which manufactures a longer-lasting alternative to wooden decks has broken into the U.S. market.

"It's a significant development for us," said John Naccarato, Evolution Deck president, who brought Paver Deck to the market. 

Naccarato and business partner Joe Severini began development of Paver Deck in Sault Ste. Marie in 2007 and got it on to the market in 2010.

Paver Deck is made of high-strength galvanized steel.

Once the steel deck is laid down, the customer can cover it with a surface material of his or her own choice.

"We've been approved through Menards for 330 stores online and we're physically right now in 55 stores, so as they renovate their stores across the U.S., then we'll actually have a physical display unit in every store," Naccarato told SooToday.

Menards can be likened to an American Home Depot, one of the largest retailers focused on home improvement in the U.S., centred on the American Midwest market.

"We've invested everything into the company (despite economic downturns), we've never taken our foot off the gas pedal," Naccarato said.

None other than Mike Holmes (home improvement expert and TV host) has given Paver Deck the thumbs up.

"The product is so robust and people have such a confidence in it that it's starting to take off," Naccarato said.

"Developing a brand new construction product is very difficult because you're trying to get market acceptance from the customers as well as the trades, and we've travelled thousands of kilometres and built decks all over Ontario just to demonstrate the product."

Paver Deck is manufactured at Evolution Deck's Industrial Court factory.

It is sold in the Sault and Algoma region through Lyons Timber Mart.

"It's comparable to cedar decks (in terms of cost)…it competes because of its lifespan," Naccarato said.

"If you look at its lifespan, it's actually the cheapest deck system available because you'd have to replace a wood deck three times before you'd run out of steam with a Paver Deck."

"We give a 30-year warranty, that's unheard of."

On the commercial side, Evolution Deck has been chosen as the vendor to supply all the balconies at the Riverwalk condominium development currently underway.




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