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Provenzano: Ignatieff is open and accountable





*************************** Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada announced the Liberal platform live on the web today at 11 am (EST). 

This is the first time in Canadian history a national platform has been released live on the web. 

The release was interactive and open to all Canadians.  

Michael Ignatieff took questions directly from Canadians about the platform carrying on in the open, transparent and engaging attitude he has carried throughout the campaign.

"This was a fantastic way to release a platform and a great way to engage Canadians," said Christian Provenzano, local federal Liberal candidate. 

"Michael has proven, time and again during this campaign, that he is open and accountable. Canadians spoke to him directly today and he listened and answered to them directly." Provenzano continued. “I encourage everyone to download and read the Liberal platform. This platform is focused where it should be: on the Canadian middle class family.”

The live stream release of the Liberal Party of Canada platform is a stark contrast of Stephen Harper's controlling and closed campaign. 

Stephen Harper refuses to answer questions from the national press and attends only scripted, staged events. 

Christian Provenzano and his campaign team have been reaching out to Sault Ste. Marie by both foot and phone every day of the campaign. 

They have also been using social media, twitter and facebook

Their campaign office is located at 316 Queen Street East. 

All are welcome. 

The Liberal Party Platform is available for download here

*************************** Ignatieff’s election platform will raise taxes, kill jobs, and set families back

OTTAWA - Canadian families cannot afford the high spending, high-tax agenda Michael Ignatieff will release in his platform today, said Conservative candidate Jim Flaherty today. 

“The global economic recovery remains fragile. That is why we must remain focused on what really matters to Canadians - creating jobs and completing the economic recovery,” said Jim Flaherty. “Unfortunately, Michael Ignatieff’s election platform will raise taxes, kill jobs and put our economic recovery in jeopardy. Canadians just can’t afford Michael Ignatieff’s high-tax agenda.”

In the first week of the election campaign alone, Michael Ignatieff promised $4 billion in new annual permanent spending.

In addition, since becoming Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has made a number of costly promises.

These promises include:

- Billions of dollars for a high speed train from Windsor to Quebec City (L’Acadie Nouvelle, March 15, 2011)

- A new commitment on pharmacare (Winnipeg Free Press, March 31, 2011)

- Funding for pro-sports arenas and stadiums across the country (Canadian Press, March 15, 2011)

- A new billion dollar bridge in Montreal (Le Journal de Montreal, March 27, 2011) 

The list goes on and on.

How will Michael Ignatieff pay for his spending priorities?

By raising taxes.

Ignatieff was clear when he stated: "We will have to raise taxes.” (Waterloo Region Record, April 14, 2009) 

Ignatieff’s high-tax agenda will kill jobs. 

Ignatieff spokesperson John McCallum confirmed it last week when he clearly stated: “I think, um, uh, there could be a minor loss of jobs.” (Roy Green Show, March 27, 2011)

What is a minor loss of jobs?

Professor Jack Mintz, world-renowned fiscal and tax policy specialist has recently stated: “By raising the rate we’ll lose $50 billion in capital spending over the long run and we will also lose 200,000 jobs… It’s just such a bad policy to advocate.” (Rutherford Show, April 1, 2011)

Economists, journalists, and other experts are already poking holes in Michael Ignatieff’s policies, saying his policies are poorly-thought through, intrude on provincial jurisdiction, and will have spiralling costs.

“The Next Phase of the Economic Action Plan is a low-tax plan for jobs and growth that will eliminate the deficit by 2015,” said Jim Flaherty. “Michael Ignatieff’s election platform is the exact opposite: a fiscally irresponsible, reckless, high-tax plan that will kill jobs and stall our economic recovery.”    *************************** ///