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‘Prayers answered’ as Compassion Hub will remain open for winter

Anonymous donor gave $3,000 to the Gore Street hub last week, guaranteeing two additional months of rent for Donna and Angie De Simon to continue providing resources for the homeless and malnourished
Thanks to an anonymous donation of $3,000, Compassion Hub leads Donna De Simon (left) and her daughter Angie (right) will be able to keep their doors open throughout the winter season.

It was only 50 days ago when Donna De Simon and her daughter Angie, the leads at the Compassion Hub, came to the devastating realization that they would no longer be able to stay open.

But a remarkable act of kindness has completely flipped the script.

A community resource centre that assists people struggling with mental illness, homelessness, and malnourishment, the Compassion Hub was supposed to close its doors at the end of November due to a lack of funds for rent.

An agreement had also been made that the business owner next door would take over the space before the holiday season, but it turns out they no longer need it until spring.

Just when the De Simons thought they were closing for good this Friday, an anonymous woman came by and donated $3,000 to the Compassion Hub last week, guaranteeing the facility two additional months of rent.

“We were shocked,” Donna De Simon says. “We’re very happy we’re going to be able to stay open and offer our services for the winter when people need it the most.”

By staying open, the De Simons say they can continue serving food and hot beverages every day, which is crucial as winter is on the horizon.

“We’re one of the few warming centres here in the Sault,” De Simon says.

Upwards of 60 people walk through the Compassion Hub every day, relying on the facility for food, clothing, and shelter.

The hub works with at-risk residents to assist them in finding housing, locating treatment sources, and teaching them life skills.

Angie De Simon was beyond worried for the vulnerable population and what they were going to do during the colder months, so she’s thrilled they get to stay open.

“Our seniors who have no food security and come every day to eat have been praying hard and telling me to have faith in the power of prayer – and they were right,” she says. “We can continue to be a warming station and continue to provide services to those that need them.”

The De Simons are currently looking at a few spots in town to move into when spring arrives, but they couldn’t disclose specifics.

The Compassion Hub says they’ll be organizing more fundraisers in the months to come, and they’re especially looking forward to hosting their annual Christmas dinner.

The De Simons are in need of food donations such as coffee, creamer, sugar, granola bars, hot cereal, milk, regular cereal, crackers, cup a soups, yogurt, bread, and margarine.

Located at 133 Gore Street, the Compassion Hub is open Tuesday to Thursday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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