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OPP urges patience and care in construction, school areas

Students use detour streets to travel to and from school

Various complaints regarding drivers disobeying school crossing guards, speeding and aggressive driving has led to a reminder from the East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police.

The issues are within the Woodward Avenue construction detour area, which includes Murray Street, Huron Avenue, Berthelot Street, Park Street, and Dawsy Street in the Town of Blind River. 

Students from the local secondary and elementary schools use these detour streets to walk or cycle to and from school and the OPP is reminding motorists to slow down early when approaching construction zones as well as be patient and obey signs, signal persons, obey school crossing guards, allow extra following space and be ready to stop.

"Being impatient and refusing to wait for all children and crossing guards to clear the roadway is selfish and reckless behaviour. No one's time is so valuable that they cannot afford to wait a matter of seconds to protect the safety of children walking to school," said Inspector Tyler Sturgeon of the East Algoma OPP. "Children excitedly walking to school deserve to do so without being put at risk by self-centered driving habits, and drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles carefully and in compliance with the law."

What's next?

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