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One new forest fire confirmed in the region

Timmins 10 is currently not under control at 70 hectares
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There is one confirmed new forest fire in the northeast fire region as of late-Friday.

Timmins 10, which is located approximately 42 km southeast of Foleyet, is currently estimated at 70 hectares and not yet under control.

Ariel fire suppression is underway and is expected to continue into the evening.

There are 10 other active fires in the region. 

Of the new fires, one is being held, five are under control, and four others are being observed.

The fire hazard is low to moderate in areas of the region south of Greater Sudbury as well as along the James Bay and Hudson Bay coasts.

The fire hazard is mostly high in the rest of the region with a small portion of the Cochrane sector at an extreme hazard as of Friday afternoon.

To see an interactive fire map, click here.