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North Shore health fair raises money for new medical equipment (9 photos)

North Shore Health Network Auxiliary receives donations for new defibrillator campaign

Representative from 18 informative and health-related agencies were on hand for the annual Health Week Fair and Luncheon at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 374 in Richards Landing.

The three-hour event was hosted jointly by the North Shore Health Network Auxiliary Richards Landing Matthews Site and the Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre.

Proceeds from the luncheon went toward the North Shore Health Network Richards Landing Matthews Site (hospital), health, and senior programs.

As part of the event, area organizations made donations to the North Shore Health Network Foundation’s new defibrillator campaign, including the Royal Canadian Legion and McDougall Energy Inc.

The advanced defibrillator will replace the much-used but end-of-its-life unit at the North Shore Health Network Richards Landing Matthews Site.

"Immediate application of electricity during a threatening cardiac event is life saving," said nurse Bonnie Campbell. "Defibrillation without delay is paramount."

The defibrillator, at an estimated cost of $30,000 is expected to be purchased and ready for use in the coming months.

The machine's capabilities include advanced monitoring, such as cardioversion rhythm monitoring/telementry, external pacemaker, oxygen and capnography measurement during operative procedures, as well as effectiveness of compressions and vitals/ rhythm identification and alarms.