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Murder mystery novel set in Sault, local book launch Friday

Marco Muzzi's first novel 'The Restless Night' mentions Sault landmarks, draws on personal experiences
20180822-The Restless Night book cover Facebook photo supplied
Cover of Sault-born author Marco Muzzi’s first novel, ‘The Restless Night.’ Muzzi will be signing copies of the book Friday Aug. 24, 2018 at The Marconi Club. Photo supplied.

Marco Muzzi, a Sault native now living and working in southern Ontario, has released his first novel, entitled The Restless Night.

For Sault readers, there’s an added, interesting twist to the murder-mystery story.

The novel is set in Sault Ste. Marie.

“I call it a fictionalized version of Sault Ste. Marie. To make the story work, some things in town are a bit geographically closer to each other than they are, but I’m very overt with references to the Sault,” said Muzzi, speaking to SooToday Wednesday.

“In the last part of the book I reference the ‘Welcome to Sault Ste. Marie’ sign. I did jazz a few things up to add some extra colour to the story.”

Other Sault landmarks in the novel include The Cross on the Hill behind St. Basil Elementary School, the now-closed Mrs. B’s Pizza restaurant, Algoma Steel and Shady Pines Motel.

“The core plot line is about a police officer who, when he was a boy, discovers his grandfather’s been murdered, and they never find who did it, who killed him or who stole his grandfather’s coin collection that same day,” Muzzi said.

“He goes through his life, and this has always bothered him, and one day he basically decides he’s had enough of not knowing and decides to figure out who took this person from him, and decides he’s going to go on a spree and figure out who did it.”

“He has to face the challenges of finding a clue about it, and his police partner is not very helpful so he has to deal with that friction, and he basically takes on The Mob for a night and is bent on finding out who the killer is,” Muzzi said.

The lead character, said the author, is in his mid- to late-20s.

“He’s been around a little bit. He’s still relatively young, emotional enough to go after something like this, but old enough to know what he’s doing as well.”

The novel is set in the present day.

“Technology has an undertone in the book. It’s something they rely on at different points,” Muzzi said, adding technology will also play a part in the sequel he is already planning.

Muzzi, 30, now works full-time in marketing in Kitchener, “so writing, communications is not something I’m foreign to.”

“I like movies, I love reading, I’m always kind of creative and have an imaginative mind.”

Apart from setting the novel in his hometown, the project contains added personal touches for Muzzi.

“When I was very young my grandfather passed away from cancer. He worked at the steel plant and contracted some sort of cancer from it and eventually passed. It was hard, I’ve always missed him and there’s always been a longing to have had more time with him because I’ve heard all these great stories of the man.”

As the years passed, his grandmother’s home was broken into, a large collection of coins and other items stolen.

“I was reflecting on life and the things that make us happy and sad and I thought it would make a neat story if it was more like somebody broke in, he was there, they killed him and stole the coins, so that was the push off point for something to write down.”

The real-life coin theft was never solved.

Muzzi left the Sault with his family for southern Ontario when he was 15, and comes back as often as he can to visit family members.

The Restless Night was released in July, but Muzzi is looking forward to the official launch at 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24 at the Marconi Club lounge, located at 450 Albert St. W.

“We’re looking at 30 people so far (attending Friday’s event) so it’s going to be a pretty decent group.”

Everyone is welcome.

Copies of The Restless Night will be available for $20 (cash only).

Muzzi will be on hand to read from the first chapter of The Restless Night and sign copies of the novel.

The book is available in softcover and as an eBook, through its own website and Amazon.

Muzzi also anticipates it will be available at the two local Coles bookstore locations.

For more information on The Restless Night, go online or to Facebook  


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