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Man who calls himself 'Coyote Moto' posts confrontation videos on YouTube

He has been posting videos of his local motorcycle encounters since May, 2020
Coyote moto Crop
Coyote Moto demanding a bike be turned over to him

His motto is "If I f>@kin' see you, I'm f>@kin' stopping!"

For 17 months, a local individual styling himself as 'Coyote Moto' has been posting YouTube videos of his motorcycle rides through Sault Ste. Marie and area.

His first Coyote Moto video was posted May 21, 2020.

In the 50 videos he's posted since then, a common theme has been watching for individuals he feels look like "junkies" and confronting them aggressively about items he believes are stolen.

Those items are often bicycles.

The videos show Coyote sometimes demanding the items be turned over to him, sometimes threatening physical violence if he ever sees them with stolen goods.

His commentaries during his adventures are often riddled with expletives.

Coyote Moto's 50th video, posted Monday, is titled "Junkie, thats mine now !!"

It shows him approaching a cyclist outside the Stockhouse Grill at 192 Wellington Street West.

"Where you going with the bike?" he asks.

The cyclist responds by asking Coyote where he's going.

"Wherever you're going. I'm following you," Coyote replies.

"It's a nice f>@kin bike you got there. You know it ain't yours," he adds.

"So what are we going to do about this little bike incident?"

Coyote isn't satisfied with the answer to his question.

"Is that what you just said to me? You're going to keep that bike?"

"You're going to drop it right there, right? It's not your bike. It's my bike. Yeah!"

Coyote then adds: "I don't give a f>@k who you say. That's my bike. Drop it now!"

With Coyote's demands becoming increasingly strident, the man gives up the bicycle and walks away.

"I'd get out of here because my brother's coming to get it  right now," Coyote says.

"You're f>@kin' dead!"

Coyote then walks the bicycle into the nearby H.R. Lash store and turns it over to Herb A. Lash, who made headlines himself earlier this year for his aggressive handling of a shoplifter.

He asks Lash to phone the police.

"We'll just shoot them f>@kers!" he tells the elderly businessman.

"I love you, Herb!" Coyote says as he leaves the store.

The running commentary continues as Coyote mounts his motorcycle.

"Another one down," he boasts.

"Another junkie f>@king dealt with."

"Guess what, bitch? I got your f>@king bike. And it's going back to the kid you stole it from."

SooToday has reached out to Coyote Moto to talk about his videos.

We've also reached out to to City Police for their take on Coyote Moto's activities.