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Local Italian prisoners of war to be honoured

NEWS RELEASE UNION OF ITALIANS IN THE WORLD OF SAULT STE. MARIE ************************* On May 28, the Union of Italians in the World of Sault Ste. Marie, Inc.



************************* On May 28, the Union of Italians in the World of Sault Ste. Marie, Inc. (UIM) will honour those Italians who, as prisoners of war, survived the German Nazi Regime (1943-1945).

We will come together at the Marconi Hall, Sault Ste. Marie, at 7 p.m. for a small ceremony in their favour.

A medal of recognition will be presented to these war veterans as decided and issued by the Republic of Italy.

This is to recognize their internment as prisoners of war and to salute the hardships and mistreatments endured at that time.

The medals were authorized by the Italian government when the IOM decided that Italian prisoners of war were not to be given monetary compensation, whereas prisoners of war from other countries were.

Judge Stortini will be presenting the medals.

Tony Martin MP, City of Sault Ste. Marie, Calabrese Club, Dave Orazietti MPP, Knights of Columbus, The Calabrians Multi Cultural Society, Lorena Tridico, Father Norman Fortier, and Bennardo Jewellers will be presenting other acknowledgments.

UIM (Union of Italians in the World, Inc.), in conjunction with the Italian Consulate in Toronto are responsible for the application and procurement of the medals.

We are humbly honoured to be able to bestow thankful recognition of their efforts to those who are still with us and to the family members of those who unfortunately, are no longer with us.

************************* Persons receiving medals

BERNARDO PASQUALE Aiello Calabro, Cosenza 10/01/1922

CAICCO ALFREDO Cleto, Cosenza 04/04/1924

CIVITARESE GIUSEPPE Ortona, Chieti 21/03/1923

COCCIMIGLIO FRANCESCO Aiello Calabro, Cosenza 25/03/1918

CUGLIETTA ETTORINO Cleto, Cosenza 13/11/1923

D’AGOSTINO DOMENICO (not present) Locri, Reggio Calabria 09/03/1921

FALSETTI SPINA MARIO Cleto, Cosenza 12/05/1922

FANTINI DOMENICO Torricella Peligna, Chieti 11/07/1922

GREGANTI ALBERTO (not present) Fano, Pesaro 24/03/1916

MORETTIN CALISTO Fiume Veneto, Pordenone 04/04/1922

ORLANDO LUIGI (not present) Villamagna, Chieti 05/05/1914

PUCCI SAVERIO Cleto, Cosenza 26/01/1923

REDA DOMENICO Cerisano, Cosenza 04/01/1924

ROSSI RIZZIERO San Leonardo, Chieti 13/09/1929

************************* Deceased persons

BERTULLI AMEDEO Fano, Pesaro (09/09/1911—8/12/2003)

CARLASCIO GIOVANNI Macchiagodena, Isernia (30/04/1923—07/09/1998)

CHIARELLA SALVATORE Cicala, Catanzaro (27/12/1921—26/03/2002)

CURCIONE GIUSEPPE Figline Vegliaturo, Cosenza (18/05/1923-19/04/2008)

GUZZO BONIFACIO ANTONIO Aiello Calabro, Cosenza (22/11/1923—21/07/2003)

GUZZO GENIALE Aiello Calabro, Cosenza (17/10/1919—16/04/2007)

MUTO ANGIOLO Grimaldi, Cosenza (22/05/1912—31/07/2000)

PELLARIN GIOVANNI (not present) Fiume Veneto, UD (28/04/1920—27/02/2006)

PERRI DOMENICO Nicastro, Cosenza (21/02/1921—09/09/2000)

RENDE PAOLINO Lago, Cosenza (23/02/1922—03/11/2004)

ROSA EUGENIO Aiello Calabro, Cosenza (09/05/1922—02/11/2009)

SILVERI ANTONIO Ofena, L’Aquila, L’Aquila (13/09/1921—29/05/2009)

STOCCO GUERINO San Martino dei Lupari, PN (16/12/1921—14/12/2006)

STUMPO LUIGI Mangone, Cosenza (28/04/1920—24/12/2004)


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