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Julie gets her boiler fixed AND $2,500

On December 31, Julie’s lucky streak continued as her name was drawn as the lucky winner of $2,500 cash.
Julie Mador - Cheque Photo -January 18, 2016



Julie Mador was not having much luck in 2015.

Julie and her family purchased the home of their dreams in Goulais River, much to their surprise the boiler system that had been installed was burning way too much propane, the piping was installed incorrectly, driving her monthly bills through the roof!

To top it off, the boiler wasn’t heating their home. 

Julie was very unhappy and frustrated that the HVAC contractor she called was not able to fix the boiler they had previously installed, that is when she called TopLine, and her luck began to change.

TopLine’s professional staff and team of highly skilled technicians got her boiler running efficiently and most importantly – providing their dream home with heat.

Julie was happy knowing that her family would be warm through the winter without breaking the bank.

What Julie didn’t know was that her repairs made her automatically eligible for TopLine’s $2,500 Cash Giveaway.

On December 31, Julie’s lucky streak continued as her name was drawn as the lucky winner of $2,500 cash.

On January 18, Julie came by the TopLine office for the cheque presentation, she showed up with a delicious Pumpkin Cake in hand to show her appreciation to the staff at TopLine, she commented that she was both happy to win the money and to have such great guys working at her home, she says everyone was professional, respectful, hard working and treated her like family.

Given the success of the Cash Giveaway Promotion and the joy that it brought Julie and her family to have heat in their dream home AND receive a cheque for $2,500, TopLine, partnered with Lennox has decided to run the contest again for 2016.

Each single purchase of $3,000 or more automatically qualifies residential customers for the draw.

TopLine is your Home Comfort Partner.

If you need Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling service, upgrades or new installation for your home, call TopLine at 705-575-3683, they will be sure that the job’s done right. 

And who knows, this year’s lucky winner could be YOU.