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Halfway Haven ending season early after heavy snowfall causes safety concerns for employees

'The last blizzard here for the last couple of days really was the beginning of the end,' said manager Darrell Hoag
20211207-Halfway Haven Lodge Facebook photo
Halfway Haven Lodge. Facebook photo

A popular stopping point for people snowmobiling between the Sault and Wawa has announced an early and sudden end to its season.

Halfway Haven Lodge is situated 140 kilometres northeast of Searchmont and accessible by a road off Highway 101.

Manager Darrell Hoag said in a phone interview on Thursday that recent non-stop snow created conditions that were difficult to keep up with.

“The last blizzard here for the last couple of days really was the beginning of the end,” said Hoag. “It’s too delicate a position to put people in if you can’t provide ample safety, security, fuel. We don’t want to endanger anybody."

Hoag said his staff of three walked off the job on Thursday.

“They cited difficult working conditions and concerns for safety based on the fact the last couple of days I have been out non-stop plowing the road, which left them here alone working with the customers," said Hoag. "Without staff it’s impossible for me to run the camp, let alone plow the roads and keep up with all of the work."

The lodge will be closed for the rest of the season. A post on its Facebook page notes there will be no fuel, food or accommodation and it recommends not using the lodge's snowmobile trails for safety reasons.

Customers who booked the lodge for this evening are already en route.

“I am taking care of the people who are inbound tonight as a result of the fact they are inbound on the trail, but I am giving notice so that tomorrow people who are on route will know and I am making phone calls at this point so they can divert their plan," said Hoag.

In December, Hoag told SooToday the lodge was in need of provincial funding for upgrades and repairs.

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