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God gave rock & roll to you, Councillor Myers!

As Sault Ste. Marie votes continue to pour into the poll that will determine KISS's next North American tour, SooToday.

As Sault Ste. Marie votes continue to pour into the poll that will determine KISS's next North American tour, continues to receive comments and letters from readers about Ward 2 Councillor Susan Myers' opposition to any appearance by the band at the Essar Centre.

These notes were sent to us by faithful readers Andrew Addante and Italiandomino:

**************************** Hello,

I am keeping up-to-date on the issue with Susan Myers and KISS, and would like to send you guys the e-mail I sent her, also in part to help other people who share Ms. Myers' opinion see that KISS is not satanic and evil in any way, and that they will bring a huge boost to the Soo's economy.

**************************** Dear Ms. Myers:

It is my understanding that you are strongly opposed to KISS coming to the Essar Center.

While you have your own opinion and are entitled to it, I disagree with it and feel that KISS coming to Sault Ste. Marie would have obvious tremendous economical advantages for the city.

As a councillor in Sault Ste. Marie, I'm sure you're aware of all the indirect money KISS will bring.

We already have enough votes to sell out the Essar Center twice, and certainly the benefits that hotels and especially restaurants will experience are gargantuan.

By the end of the voting for the contest, we will likely have over 10,000 votes.

That's 15 percent of the population.

And then there will be the fans who don't even know about the voting.

With all due respect, your vote alone will not stop KISS from coming here.

With that being said and done, I still feel the need to show you that KISS is not a satanist band, nor would they be in any way harmful to the audience.

It is up to the people who live here to decide if they wish to attend or not, and it is up to the parents to choose whether their children may go see them or not.

In response to your video post of Gene Simmons spitting blood, I am sending you two KISS-related links that suggest that KISS is in no way evil and it will certainly not be a problem for them to come to the Essar Center.

Here is a video of KISS rejecting any thoughts of them being evil in any way.

Here is a music video for the song God Gave Rock and Roll to You II.

I'm sure you will agree the lyrics to God Gave Rock and Roll to You II are exactly the thing that would "encourage, delight and uplift the hearts and minds of all Saultites."

The Essar Center has already hosted several bands similar to Kiss, such as Motley Crue and Heaven and Hell.

Please take the time to write a personal response to this as I feel I have given a fair argument and would greatly appreciate it if you did.

Thank you for your time,

- Andrew Addante

*************************** Hi Dave,

I see that you have pulled a quote of mine from Blabbermouth, which of course I don’t mind.

I am a very long-time KISS fan.

Saw them first when I was nine, and 12 concerts later, I am still around to see them more.

Even got three KISS tattoos from Anipeg done (putting money into our local business of course).

I admit I was laughing pretty hard after reading what Susan Myers had to say.

But then I thought to myself, "Who is Susan Myers?"

Apparently she is on City Council, but I never heard of her before.

So for someone that I have never heard of previously, why does her comment even matter?

It doesn’t.

For someone that thinks that Stars on Ice and Gordon Lightfoot is appropriate entertainment for this city, only goes to show why so many folks like myself need to go out of town to see concerts.

I believe I travelled to Toronto four times this year, putting money into their city rather then into our's.

Yes, Neil Young was a great show to attend, but I wasn’t willing to pay that kind of money to see him.

Not my thing.

But I enjoy his music a lot.

Hillary Duff, she is cute, but not my kinda music.

Backstreet Boys. Oh God.

But I respect those that went to the show and had a great time.

I was very impressed with the Soo bringing in Motley Crue, and those that were there walked away satisfied that they had a great evening of rock 'n roll.

Heaven and Hell and Megadeth, great show.

KISS has been around for over 36 years.

They have seen it all and done it all.

Just ask Gene.

I am sure he will confirm that.

KISS also has over 3,000 products licensed with the KISS brand.

Everything from condoms to caskets (the great Darryl ‘Dimebag” Abbot requested to be buried in one), so they have us covered coming and going.

So rather than Susan Myers saying: "Let's not bring KISS to the Soo," let's invite Gene over for lunch with City Council.

He is one half of Simmons/Abramson Marketing.

I am sure he can teach a few things to our City Council on how to market our city and pump some money into our economy.

I hope Susan Myers doesn’t find that revolting.

I am very glad that Susan Myers only represents a very small number of Saulites.

[This is] a city full of hungry rockers that are going to Toronto, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, and yes even Columbus, Ohio.

I have been to all these places see concerts in the last several years.

Most recently was to see Black Label Society in Toronto.

Money for cabs, hotel, lunch at Hooters, that is money going to Toronto.

My money is going elsewhere when it could be put into our city, and bring in other folks in surrounding cities to pump money into our city.

Not sure what ward you're in Susan Myers, but I know I would never vote for you.

If you think Gene Simmons spitting fake blood out of his mouth is sick and revolting, you should get out more often and see what the real world is all about.

You should see how many KISS fans bring their little kids to a KISS show.

It is amazing how much fun they have seeing the hottest band in the world.

Keep the votes coming.

I want to be #1.

No one remembers #2.

- Italiandomino

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