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Four new forest fires in the northeast Thursday

There are currently 22 active fires in the region
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There were four new forest fires confirmed in the Northeast Region by late afternoon on July 9.

  • Chapleau 8 was confirmed late this morning on the east shore of McCallum Lake. It measures 0.1 of a hectare.
  • Kirkland Lake 5 measures 2.1 hectares and is located approximately 2 kilometres northwest of Turtle Lake.
  • North Bay 28 was confirmed late this afternoon and measures 0.1 of a hectare, approximately 3 kilometres south of Port Loring, just north of Duck Lake.
  • Parry Sound 15 is approximately 4 kilometres east of Britt, on the west side of highway 69. Waterbombers were on the scene of this 3.6 hectare fire this afternoon.

In total, there are 22 active fires across the region. Six fires are being held, nine are under control and one is being observed. At the time of the most recent MNRF update, there are six fires that are not yet under control.

The fire hazard is mostly high to extreme in much of the Northeast Region. A few areas north of Wawa; and west of Fort Severn are showing a moderate hazard this afternoon.

To see the fire hazard near you, consult the interactive fire map at

When waterbombers approach a body of water, move close to the shore so they can perform their scoop safely. A waterbomber will not scoop from a lake or river if encroaching watercraft pose a safety hazard.

Be safe, stay clear of waterbombers.

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For updates on the fire situation, visit or follow @ONforestfires on Twitter.