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Forums, workshops and more featured during NORDIK Institute social enterprise event

The two-day event is an opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge about social enterprises, participate in interactive workshops, learn and network
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A two-day event (at the Quattro Hotel, 229 Great Northern Rd.) will bring together social entrepreneurs, business developers and funders from across northern Ontario in Sault Ste. Marie on Feb. 28 and Mar. 1. 

Sponsored by SEE (Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship), the Round Table will provide an opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge about social enterprises, participate in interactive workshops, learn and network with a diverse group of social enterprises, funders and service providers. 

“Social enterprises have a mission to address social, environmental or cultural challenges by reinvesting profits back into their missions,” says Katie Blunt, SEE project coordinator. “They may take many forms, including non-profits, co-operatives and sole proprietorships, and they also measure their success differently, using a ‘triple bottom line’ to determine their impact on people, the planet as well as profit.”

The Round Table will feature presentations from social enterprises and entrepreneurs across northern Ontario in a series of workshops and panel presentations, exploring everything from starting a social enterprise through to scaling up its impact, as well as measuring its success. 

“The Round Table is for both experienced and novice social entrepreneurs, as well as business developers and community members who are interested in supporting a more inclusive type of business,” says Caitlyn Wieja, event organizer. “Everyone is welcome.” A funders’ forum on Feb. 28 will provide important access to grant and loan information.

Keynote speaker, Danielle Levine, is travelling from British Columbia to be with Round Table participants for the full two-day event. This social entrepreneur is a business educator, innovative program designer, business advisor and founder of Kanuu Indigenous Innovation Society.

Danielle operates her own consulting practice where she works with various organizations to design programming that works in community. She is currently working on indigenous entrepreneurship programs in Canada’s North focusing on country foods and entrepreneurship and she is the Director of Technical Assistance and Capacity building with Raven Indigenous Impact Fund.

“Danielle Levine is a nationally recognized leader in the field,” says Blunt. “We have been very fortunate that she has made time in a busy schedule to come to Sault Ste. Marie.”  Round Table organizers are hoping that a northern Ontario peer mentoring network may be an outcome of the event.

Sponsors of the event include the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, the Sault and Area CDC, and NORDIK Institute.

Registration for the event is still open and may be accessed at the Eventbrite link  or email