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Find cash at local landmarks with SooToday’s 20th anniversary treasure hunt!

The 20-day event, in celebration of SooToday’s 20th birthday, starts tomorrow

SooToday is celebrating its 20th birthday!

Over the last two decades, we have proudly served the Sault Ste. Marie community, providing up-to-the-minute local news, stories about our neighbours, business features, community updates and so much more.

We simply couldn’t have done it without you. 

As a thank you for your support and in celebration of our milestone anniversary, our team has prepared an exciting, city-wide treasure hunt of local landmarks for you to participate in!

Here’s how it works.

Our team is hiding money in our spiffy SooToday cash containers at 20 outdoor locations over a 20-day period. The first day’s prize is $200, with $100 hidden on each of the next 18 days.

To wrap up the celebration, we will hide $2,000 for one lucky winner to find on the final day!

Each day, we will post a new clue on SooToday that will lead you to that day’s prize. Once you figure out where you need to go, look for our branded SooToday container with the cash inside.

A few of the containers will hold some extra special gifts hidden with the cash, too! 

There will only be one container at each location, so keep your eyes peeled and check SooToday often for clues. Only the first person to find each day’s prize will take home the cash.

Check back tomorrow morning for the first clue!

June 8 clue

June 9 clue

June 10 clue

June 11 clue

June 12 clue

June 13 clue

June 14 clue

June 15 clue

June 16 clue

June 17 clue

June 18 clue

June 19 clue

June 20 clue

June 21 clue

June 22 clue 

June 23 clue 

June 24 clue

June 25 clue

June 26 clue

June 27 clue

* Full rules here.