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FEEDBACK: Here's what you had to say about the news this week

Hot-button stories include a couple's 75th anniversary reunion, a local COVID rally and the potential repercussions from the protest
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At the bottom of all of our local stories, readers now have the option of submitting feedback. Here's what SooToday readers had to say about what was making news over the last week:

May 14:

Anishinabek Police Service confirms 'attempted high-risk takedown' at Husky gas station

"The trouble with people recording and speculating about why police are doing things, is people in general so often don't know typical police procedure. A normal traffic stop can become high risk by changing just one or two variables. People don't know this, they try to make up information and fill in the blanks, and then they still come to the wrong conclusion.

"Policing has a lot of rules, and is probably one of the most scrutinized jobs out there. It is rare to see actual misconduct. Most cases are actually just standard procedure that people don't understand or perhaps don't agree with.

"All it takes is for someone to say 'I did nothing wrong.' Even if they're obstructing,interfering, or in this case, they just shot someone a few days ago. And in the two minutes leading up, sure,they didn't anything wrong. But that two minutes isn't what it's about."

- Matthew T.

May 13:

New Fremlin subdivision will wrap around St. Mary's College (4 images)

"Doesn’t anyone think of the green space anymore. It saddens me and many others how much has been taken from our wildlife in this area and extending over to the P-Patch. I know this small comment won’t make any difference. Maybe just stop to think of how beautiful it once was. It’s home to animals and God's playground for us to enjoy."

-  Penny E.

"Positive news. People who work at St. Mary's and the hospital can bike or walk to work. The construction creates good jobs. The city receives more money due to an increased tax base."

- Paul C.

Crews respond to brush fire on Broadview Drive (3 photos)

"I just want to state that the firefighters and their equipment were located out front of my residence (Broadview Drive) and ran their equipment through my yard. But the fire was located behind the school, by the park. So our neighborhood houses were not affected.Please note that the fire department was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They did their job and in no time they were gone. Thank you so very much."

- Pam B.

May 11:

Eight active COVID-19 cases confirmed at Tenaris

"If eight people have it a lot more likely do, make testing mandatory if they want their job. APH should be stepping in here and testing the employees."

- E.H.B.

Shutdown threatens survival of Northern Ontario golf industry: association president

"In my mind it’s extremely unfair that the OPP are willing to ticket something safe like golf, but do nothing about ongoing social interactions at home, where cases are transmitting. Neither are allowed right now, so why is there discretion about which to ticket?"

- CB Farms

CANADA: 'Pandemic of hate' - Leaders, experts warn anti-lockdown protests linked to far right

"I see that everyone that disagrees with the government is painted with the same brush which I think is the real conspiracy. Lets have an educated peaceful debate about the pandemic. How accurate is the PCR test when you are continuously manipulating the threshold? Why are treatments for COVID not being used even though research shows promise? Democracy has been taken away from us and people have a human right to a peaceful protest."

- Tracey F.

May 10:

Ontario reports 2,716 new cases Monday

"It’s obviously not working the lockdown/stay home orders and the high majority of the Ontario COVID19 cases are from southern Ontario. They should look at stronger enforcement of laws put in place to stop the spread. People are just not understanding the severity of the virus. And vaccine rollout is on square wheels right now."

- Paul B.

Ontario stay-at-home order may be extended past May 20: health minister

"Golfed 65 rounds of golf last year with spouse and had no issues. This year we have each had one vaccination, unlike last year, yet this sport remains closed."

- Karen D.

"I understand that there is a pandemic in Canada and that Southern Ontario is having difficulty controlling the spread. That being said it is not fair of the Government of Ontario to paint all of Ontario with the same brush. In the district of Algoma (which encompasses a very large area) there is 19 active cases with 3 hospitalized (2 of which are non residents who are here temporary) as of May 11 2021.

"The government should and always should have placed restrictions according to health districts. Northern Ontario should never be under the same restrictions as southern Ontario. We have worked very hard to keep our communities safe and should not be punished because of southern Ontario. As some who cannot wear a mask nor use hand sanitizers for medical reasons, I am being denied medical treatments, grocery shopping etc.

"I am losing the sight in my left eye because I cannot see my ophthalmologist. I have not seen my medical team for over a year and a half (approx.)

"Please reconsider your total lockdown and go by districts."

- Rhon M.

May 9:

Saultites organize to fight for Mike Zuke’s outdoor rink

"Having grown up on Wallace Terrace, not far from Bayview, I vividly recall Mike Zuke and the regular news reports about the popularity of his back yard rink and the appreciation of so many young athletes and their families for this wonderful community facility.

"I can also attest to the zeal and dedication of Mike and June in making their rink available to so many of the Sault’s young and aspiring hockey athletes many of whom would go on to become hockey greats as well as to countless hockey enthusiasts. The Mike Zuke rink was indeed a labour of love and a selfless community service to the youth of that time to play hockey; and in the spirit of camaraderie, they developed friendships that would last a lifetime.

"I wholeheartedly support this initiative by Ward 5 Councillor Matthew Scott and Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Shoemaker to introduce a resolution to bring back the legendary Mike Zuke outdoor rink."

- John D.

"Mike and June deserve to be remembered in a sustainable way, and this is most fitting. We need neighbourhood activities supported by this City. Inclusivity is a word bandied about - but what is the reality for marginalized adults and their children to pat."

- Frances R.

"Tax dollars could be used/will be used for less deserving things than this."

- Robert E.

May 7:

Public health should be more accommodating with vaccine appointments, Sault man says

"It is not easy. I am 78 and have qualified for a vaccine for some time. However, booking an appointment seems to be very problematic. I have tried online many times and get nowhere. And the phone line is always busy. So what next? This system is not working very well for many. I can wait, but getting tired of hearing all the messages re: covid and my responsibilities.

"Happy to hear that the vaccine rollout is ramping up. Also happy that our government is now paying more attention to supplying more vaccines where they are needed most. Should perhaps have done that sooner."

- Marny W.