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David Orazietti among backers of new on-demand snow-clearing app SnowJob

Village Media is also involved in the venture, which officially launches today
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If shovelling the driveway doesn't make you smile, the backers of a new app say you should try out their on-demand sevice. Stock image

The brains behind a new app say you'll clear your driveway cheaper and more conveniently by having local people bid to move your snow on-demand.

While Snowjob App has been available for several days, the company is officially launching the Uber-style service today, offering what they say is an improvement over "expensive long-term snow clearing contracts."

Full Disclosure: Village Media is involved in the venture, as is Jeff Elgie, the company's president and CEO, but SooToday's newsroom has nothing to do with the app (or with plowing your driveway, so don't even ask!).

The project is also backed by former provincial cabinet minister David Orazietti, real estate agent Jamie Caicco and college professor Joshua McColeman.

In the spring, the same team says it will launch another app called MowJob, to help you cut your grass.

The following is a news release issued this morning by SnowJob:

Today an app is being launched in Sault Ste. Marie that will transform snow clearing by making it much more accessible and affordable for local residents. SnowJob is now available free of charge on the Apple App store and on Google play.

The SnowJob App was created to make your life easier, to provide convenient, affordable and worry free snow clearing. Simply download the App and register as a customer to request snow clearing services, or register as a provider to deliver snow clearing services and earn additional income.

You can sign up using your Facebook account or your Gmail account, or by creating an email and your own password.

With the SnowJob App on your smartphone you will be able to request snow clearing services when and where you want. Enter the address of the driveway to be cleaned and select your driveway finish and size from the easy selection feature. This will allow providers to bid on your driveway and you will have the option to select or reject any bid. If you accept a bid, a provider will arrive and clear the snow from the driveway.

SnowJob is a customer focused App that facilitates responsible and professional snow clearing. You can request service at your home or help out a family member, neighbour or friend by requesting snow clearing services at any address in Sault Ste. Marie. You can also request services while you are away from home, at work or on vacation.

“For years residents in Sault Ste. Marie have signed expensive long-term snow clearing contracts, but now you can request service on-demand. The SnowJob App will make winter a little easier for you, your family, and the thousands of people who deal with the challenge of clearing snow,” said James Caicco, SnowJob Partner.

The SnowJob App was developed locally and incorporated as part of SnowJob and Mowjob App Inc., which is registered to operate in every province in Canada. The MowJob App will facilitate on-demand grass cutting services in the Spring of 2020. Both Apps are being launched in Sault Ste. Marie first, before being available in other cities. James Caicco, Joshua McColeman, Jeff Elgie and David Orazietti are partners in this entrepreneurial initiative.