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Cockroach-filled boxes from Amazing Race Canada episode now available for use on locals (3 photos)

Entomica calls it Cockroach Cranium and it involves boxing in people's heads and pouring cockroaches over them. Know anyone you'd like to see covered in cockroaches?

Did you see the Amazing Race Canada episode shot in Sault Ste. Marie?

Remember the clear Plexiglass boxes full of cockroaches that they placed on contestants heads?

Well, the show creators left those boxes in the Sault and now Entomica is using them on locals.

The Northern Ontario insectarium showcased those 'cockroach helmets' at the Canadian Bushplane Hertiage Museum's Bushplane Days over the weekend.

On Sept. 5 the Machine Shop hosted a viewing party of the Sault Ste. Marie episode and Entomica unveiled the boxes to the public.

They’re using them for a game called ‘Cockroach Cranium’.

Someone, say a parent, puts their head in the box, the cockroaches are poured in, and another person, say a child, has to identify and count the different species using a cue card fore reference.

The person covered in cockroaches can’t get out until their partner finishes.

They plan to use it as a fundraising tool said Entomica ‘bug wrangler’ Michael Odom.

“You can get your boss under the cockroach helmet, or your principal, whomever,” said Odom, trying to encourage people to make their fundraising a tiny bit mischievous.

Odom said Entomica usually focuses on breaking down fear barriers and educating the public about insects. The Amazing Race episode Entomica donated cockroaches and space for was a little different for the insectarium.

“We were really happy to have it (the Amazing Race episode), it was good promotion for the city,” he said.

Odom said locals can expect to start seeing the box at fundraising and community outreach events this year.