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City unveils new logo, branding strategy

'By being bold and confident in how we tell our story, we will inspire others in the community to do the same' - Tom Vair
This is the proposed municipal logo that will be presented to City Council on Tuesday for approval

Sault Ste. Marie City Council will be asked Tuesday to approve this new municipal icon and logo.

Developed with help from consultants as part of a $100,000 identity, branding and logo initiative, the new icon's colours "speak to our indigenous roots, while also representing our glorious natural environment: fall foliage, the waters of the Great Lakes, and forests and mountains," said an information package released at the civic centre today by Future SSM.

"The Sault Ste. Marie icon is a graphic representation of our core values and ideals," the materials said.

"It is an acknowledgement of the city's origins as a meeting ground with a spirit of place."

"The outer ring is a stylized interpretation of the steel rafters of the International Bridge - connecting and bringing people together."

"The inner circle represents a medicine wheel. Overall, there is a sense of coming together and a feeling of centeredness."

In a report to Mayor Provenzano and city councillors, Tom Vair, deputy chief adminstrative officer for community development and enterprise services, says the new branding will help Sault Ste. Marie stand out in a competitive environment.

"This is not just about a logo, name or tagline," Vair said.

"It is about collectively, as a community, telling our story and building a platform and strategy around it that attracts others who share that vision."

"A brand considers your reputation, your stakeholders and the many ways in which our story is told. How you 'show up' everywhere from signage, to city communications, to economic development trade fairs, to a Google search. All these media, and more, need to be considered," Vair said.

"Taking the step to rebrand our municipality is one way that Sault Ste. Marie will stand out when promoting our community. Whether we're competing for businesses, travelers, new residents or students, the way we tell our story matters."

"By being bold and confident in how we tell our story, we will inspire others in the community to do the same," Vair said.

Tuesday's City Council meeting will be livestreamed on SooToday starting at 4:30 p.m.


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