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City to firefighters: 'no, you can't talk'

The association shared today's email response from the city with SooToday
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FILE PHOTO: Kenneth Armstrong/SooToday

As SooToday reported yesterday, the Sault Ste. Marie Professional Fire Fighters Association were attempting to once again appear before city council in an effort to implore the city to perform a comprehensive risk assessment by the Ontario Fire Marshal, which the association says can be done at no cost to the city.

The association shared today's email response from the city with SooToday:

Good afternoon

Further to the Agenda Review Committee meeting held Tuesday April 5, I am writing to advise you that your delegation request has been denied.

The reasons for this are as follows:

The report of the CAO is an information report – no decision is being asked of Council and, more importantly, the SSMPFFA has filed three grievances related to the Fire Services Realignment plan – thereby making this a labour relations matter between the City and the SSMPFFA.

As you are aware, Council meetings are not the appropriate forum to resolve labour relations matters.

With the above in mind and in keeping with Council’s direction to staff to consider meaningful input from key stakeholders, the Agenda Review Committee has directed staff to forward a copy of the CAO’s report to you on Friday morning, once it has been made public.

We understand that you have already provided City Councillors with the SSMPFFA opinion and position by way of email.

Should you wish to provide further information on behalf of the SSMPFFA concerning the CAO’s report to Council prior to noon Monday April 11, the material will be provided to Council by way of an addendum to the Agenda.