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City picks contractors for big Gore Street, Second Avenue projects

The Second Avenue project is expected to be scaled back by 193 metres because the low tender was $276,634 more than a pre-tender estimate.
R. M. Belanger Ltd. of Chelmsford, Ontario submitted the lowest of five tenders for rebuilding Gore Street from Queen to Wellington.

Subject to City Council approval on Monday night, R. M. Belanger Ltd. of Chelmsford, Ontario is expected to be awarded a $3.9 million contract for rebuilding Gore Street from Queen to Wellington.

The Sudbury-area company submitted the lowest of five tenders received by the city.

Belanger has advised the city that it intends to subcontract the asphalt paving to Pioneer Construction, landscaping to Tranberg and Sons, and electrical and utility work to Red Star Electric.

The low tender was four percent ($157,063) higher than the city's estimate.

Here's the full list of tenders:

  • R.M. Belanger Ltd. - $3,915,035
  • Ellwood Robinson Ltd - $4,040,526
  • Palmer Construction Group - $4,086,106
  • Boyer Construction - $4,310,002
  • Avery Construction Ltd. - $4,901,253

Councillors will also be asked to award a $240,000 contract to AECOM for contract administration and field inspection on the Gore Street job.

That's on top of $179,000 previously given to AECOM for design work.

Second Avenue

In other news, Avery Construction Ltd. of Sault Ste. Marie submitted the lowest of four tenders ($5.7 million) on the reconstruction of Second Avenue from Wallace Terrace to Second Line West.

This was $276,634 more (5.14 percent) than a pre-tender estimate prepared by Tulloch Engineering.

Council is expected to eliminate the block between Connaught Avenue and Second Line West to keep the project affordable.

Full list of tenders:

  • Avery Construction Ltd. - $5,653,629
  • Ellwood Robinson Ltd - $5,986,907
  • R.M. Belanger - $6,690,168
  • Palmer Construction Group - $8,287,674

Subject to City Council approval of its tender, Avery advises that it will subcontract landscaping to Chris Tranberg and Sons Ltd.

Curb and gutter, sidewalk, finished roadway grading and asphalt paving will be subcontracted to Ellwood Robinson.

Fort Creek aqueduct

Finally, Sault-based Jobst Construction Ltd. submitted the lowest of three tenders for improvements to the Fort Creek aqueduct including a diversion aqueduct on John Street from Albert to Cathcart.

Full list of tenders:

  • Jobst Construction - $4,743,692
  • Avery Construction - $4,852,071
  • R.M. Belanger Ltd. - $5,299,046

Jobst is expected to employ Avery Construction for earthworks, sewers and waterworks and Ontario Concrete for form and place concrete.

John Street is expected to be closed from Albert to Cathcart from May 1 until October 31.