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Caution: What is wrong with the Whitman Dam Road? (4 photos) received the following letter and photos from readers Brent and Randy concerning the condition of the Whitman Dam Road.
View Photo Gallery received the following letter and photos from readers Brent and Randy concerning the condition of the Whitman Dam Road.

To all those affected by the deplorable condition of the Whitman Dam Road:

Since this is the only access road leading into this large area it is of great concern to the many owners of cottages, fisherman, hunters, bikers, campers and tourists that this road be properly repaired and maintained in order. 

This should be accessible SAFELY year round.

As an interested and vested party we were made to believe that monies would be made available in order to address this concern. 

So far nothing has been done and no monies or solutions are forthcoming.

Would it not be of mutual benefit to everyone to create a partnership made up of different citizen committees, corporate boards, interest groups and government agencies so that all could prosper from economic fallout derived from the repair and maintenance of the road?

Am I to understand that the only representation that exists now comes from companies with logging, mineral and trapping rights? Not from the people who use these crown lands.

We were told that the Whitman Dam Road serves NO economic advantage for Northern Ontario due to lack of harvesting. 

What needs to be understood is that there IS an economic advantage in the form of sales, services and outdoor licenses provided to keep these tourists, campers, fishermen, hunters and outdoor industries viable.

The users of this road have large investments of time and money to find that their properties are not accessible due to the condition of the Whitman Dam Road. 

Should not something be done by our newly elected Ontario Government through the ministries involved to help these taxpayer/voters and license holders so that they may continue to contribute to the local economy?

This road is also the only access for fire and rescue emergencies.

If a life threatening injury occurred, how could rescue teams or emergency personal assist or save a life efficiently?

I am urging all users of this road to let their concerns be heard to the rightful authorities and decision makers so that immediate action be taken in order to rectify this situation. It should be sooner than later.

Concerned Citizens,
Randy Rose, Brent Rose