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Algoma University distinguished awards

This article is the continuation of a news release issued today by Algoma University. To return to the beginning of the article, please click here . ************************* Mr. Errol Caldwell, Senate Award Mr.

This article is the continuation of a news release issued today by Algoma University.

To return to the beginning of the article, please click here.

************************* Mr. Errol Caldwell, Senate Award

Mr. Caldwell has a Masters of Science degree in Entomology from the University of Guelph and a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto.

Mr. Errol Caldwell is executive director of Science Enterprise Algoma (seA).

seA is an important initiative within Destiny Sault Ste. Marie's knowledge-based growth engine.

seA is a science convergence and development initiative with a long-term focus on the commercialization of science and technology in the Algoma region.

As director of seA, Errol has over 21 years experience in science management with the Great Lakes Forestry Centre of the Canadian Forest Service.

In his role as director, Mr. Caldwell has championed science education and innovation as well as significantly improve the science-based economy in Algoma District and Northern Ontario.

Moreover, Errol has coordinated efforts amongst many science organizations within this community to make a national showcase for science cooperation among three levels of government, private industry, academia and non-profits.

As director, Mr. Caldwelll has spearheaded may local science initiatives, including the proposed Invasive Alien Species Centre (IASC), which will be cornerstone of the proposed University Science and Technology Convergence Centre.

In addition, Mr. Caldwell was instrumental in other university-partnerships, including that with the Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) which supports and hosts our biology program.

In addition, project-specific efforts aimed at securing research chairs here at the university - including our Canada Research Chair (Dr. Cory) and a proposed industrial research chair in bioprospecting has been made possible by the tireless efforts of Mr. Caldwell.

The impact on our academic program delivery as well as research capacity is notable, consistent with Mr. Caldwell's commitment to improving the bio-based economy of Northern Ontario.

In his longstanding relationship with the university, Mr. Caldwell's impact has been inestimable; his insights and efforts in science-based programming, including development and research capacity is notable.

His contributions to the university are elevated to the level of both distinctive and distinguished service to Algoma University.

Mr. Caldwell's contributions have been outstanding; his participation in program planning and the securing of resources in support of science education is important.

His leadership in this respect is a gift to this university, and recognized at the institutional, provincial and national level.

His efforts have been voluntary, have resulted in the enhancement of both the reputation and governance of the university, and he has been an outspoken champion and supporter of the university.

His commitment to university science-education in the municipality, province and country is praiseworthy.

Mr. Caldwell has made Algoma University a principal beneficiary of his public work.

He embodies the values of the university, our faculty and our senate.

Dr. Thomas Allaway, Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Thomas Allaway is an associate professor of psychology at Algoma University, since August 1975.

Dr. Allaway earned his B.A. from Swarthmore College (Phi Beta Kappa) in 1966, his M.A. (in 1967) and Ph.D. (in 1971) from the University of Pennsylvania.

He is certified by the Ontario Board of Examiners in Psychology (College of Psychologists of Ontario) as a clinical psychologist and is a member of both the American and Canadian Psychological Associations.

Dr. Allaway's administrative service has been both longstanding and notable.

Dr. Allaway served as Algoma University's first academic dean for a six-year period, from 1982-1988.

In addition he has served on the Algoma University board of governors, as one of two elected members of senate; he has served as speaker of senate, and for a seven-year (2000-2007) served as chair of the sciences division.

Over his 33-year career, he has served on a important institutional committees - including academic planning and priorities committee, curriculum committee and peer review committee, to name but a few.

His leadership to his colleagues, and to the university community at large, is unparalleled amongst his peers.

Dr. Allaway demonstrates an organizational commitment that is of the highest magnitude.

He has shown compassion, encouragement and understanding throughout his every day interactions with faculty, staff and students.

His teaching performance during his career has been sterling, receiving accolades from myriad students and alumni.

He has been a stalwart supporter of excellence in undergraduate education, providing attention and mentorship to students both within and without the classroom; this commitment has resulted in the further success of such students beyond our campus.

Dr. Allaway has been a leader amongst his peers, as well as a leader for our students.

In the past three decades, he has embodied the vision of the University - truth, knowledge and wisdom using innovative, interdisciplinary and student-focused approaches - as well its mission - lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence in research and scholarship.

The University is fortunate to have a member within its midst with this kind of organizational commitment and the Distinguished Faculty Award is a just means to acknowledge such commitment.

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