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A soldier seeks political office

There's a new hat in the ring for Conservative Party's nomination in the next federal election. Cameron Ross, chief executive officer of Algoma Mutual Insurance Co., announced today that he'll run against Sault Ste.

There's a new hat in the ring for Conservative Party's nomination in the next federal election.

Cameron Ross, chief executive officer of Algoma Mutual Insurance Co., announced today that he'll run against Sault Ste. Marie lawyer Kenneth Walker, whose candidacy was announced last week.

In addition to his duties as head of a multi-million dollar business, Ross is a graduate of the Royal Military College in Kingston and commander of the 33 Canadian Brigade Group in Ottawa.

Ross told that he's been thinking for years of seeking political office, but only got permission one week ago from his board at Algoma Mutual.

If elected, he intends to retain his title as CEO of Algoma Mutual, an arramgement that he says will not violate conflict-of-interest law.

In that case, he's planning to jobshare day-to-day management of the firm with his brother Sandy Ross, formerly of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service.

There are currently two candidates seeking the New Democratic Party nomination, former MPP Tony Martin and Community Living Algoma support worker Genesio Paciocco.

Incumbent Liberal MP Carmen Provenzano has indicated he'll seek the Liberal nomination.

The following are Ross's press release and curriculum vitae, as supplied to

************************** Press release - 23 February 2004

Cameron Ross has announced his candidacy for the Conservative nomination for the next Federal election.

Ross has watched Federal politics with interest for many years and has concluded, most recently, that there is a need for change of government.

He has been drawn to this conclusion by a series of issues which he feels have been badly handled.

These include: ~ Over-taxation; ~ Mismanagement of Public Monies; ~ Poor accountability for Program Expenditures; ~ The Long Gun Registry; ~ A Lack of Funding for the Canadian Armed Forces; ~ Indecision regarding improvements to Health Care; ~ A dangerous tendency toward focusing Political Power in the Prime Minister's Office to the detriment of Parliament.

Ross feels that the Conservative Party of Canada has the will to address these issues head-on, and growing momentum that will lead to forming the next government.

He brings to the table experience in managing and accounting for multi-million dollar budgets in both the public and private sector.

He has an appreciation of the skills necessary in a good leader; compassion, integrity, loyalty, and a positive focus.

He requests the support of all voters in the new Sault Ste Marie riding.

*************************** CV - Cameron Ross

Cameron Ross was born and raised in Richards Landing, on St. Joseph Island.

After graduating from Central Algoma Secondary School, he joined the Canadian Forces and served in a variety of locations including Shilo, Manitoba, Lahr Germany, St Hubert Quebec, and on several operational tours on Cyprus and in Bosnia.

He was posted to Sault Ste. Marie twice from 1987 to 1990, and from 1995 to 1998 after which he transferred to the Reserve Force and commanded the 49th Field Regiment.

He is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Land Command and Staff College and holds a Military Arts and Science degree from the Royal Military College in Kingston.

Upon transfer to the Reserves, Cameron began civilian work in the insurance industry.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Algoma Mutual Insurance Company located in Thessalon, which writes property and auto insurance as far East as North Bay and North to Cochrane.

In this capacity, and indeed through his military duties, he is used to dealing with multi-million dollar cash flows and strictly regulated budgetary and accounting requirements.

Cameron and his wife Laura built their home on St Joseph Island and have resided there since early in 1996.

Their oldest son Eric attends university in Kingston and their two sons Thomas and Alec are in grades nine and seven respectively.

Both Cameron and Laura have their parents and family members living in the Sault Ste Marie riding, mostly between Desbarats and St Joseph Island.

Cameron is deeply committed to participating in a Conservative government that will end government waste and will establish new and more constructive priorities in policy and spending. ***************************