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99-year-old former NHLer has still got it (3 photos, video)

Age is only a number for the Sault’s Steve Wochy who is just shy of turning 100 and enjoys playing street hockey with the neighbourhood kids

He’s two months away from turning 100, but he can still fire a mean wrist shot.

Steve Wochy, once a forward on the Detroit Red Wings and now the oldest living former NHL player, has become an inspiration for his neighbours on Retta Street.

Originally from Fort William (now Thunder Bay), the long-time Sault resident lives across the street from Roger Vilaca and his fiancée Danielle Secondi, along with his two daughters Leah and Danielle who are both into hockey.

Vilaca says Wochy will regularly come outside to play street hockey with the girls, and he even helps them with their game.

“He blows my mind,” he says. “It puts a smile on their faces. They look amazed when he’s giving them pointers.”

Wochy has lived in the Sault for nearly 70 years, and he’ll eclipse the century-mark on Christmas Day.

While he has several interests, hockey is still Wochy’s true pride and joy.

“When you ask him about hockey, you just see him glow,” Vilaca says. “He has lots of hockey stories. He’s such an inspiring man, and the heart he has for the kids and the game is incredible to see.”

Vilaca regularly sees Wochy watering his flowers and taking out the garbage, and he even walks several blocks to the grocery store and back.


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