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Wondering what that red glare in the sky is all about?

It's coming from the Machine Shop down on Canal Drive

The Machine Shop, as part of the Day of Visibility, is lit up red and lighting the skies with fireworks. 

The Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community was organized to bring the plight of the arts, entertainment and recreation sector to light.

The full text of that post follows.

The Machine Shop will be lit red tonight for the Day of Visibility.

What is the Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community about?

The effect of shutting down a $100 billion industry in Canada will have unimaginable impacts on both companies and individuals. Already, the vast majority of live event workers have been out of work or on government support since March, with no end in sight.

The arts, entertainment and recreation sector lost 152,000 of 486,100 jobs between June 2019 and June 2020, and 86 per cent of businesses experienced a high level of impact due to the decrease in demand or cancellation of services. Those that are still employed have seen a 45 per cent reduction in hours worked. The corporate and business events sector directly employs an additional 229,000 Canadians according to a 2017 Oxford Economics study [citations].

We are asking venues and landmarks across the country to light red on 22 September to light up these dark theatres and concert halls, convention centres and festival grounds. We are also calling on the live event community – many of whom work in the backstage hallways and tiny offices crammed behind the ballrooms and stages — to stand up and be seen.

We are a large and important part of the cultural and economic fabric of Canada, and are requesting:

  • that the government recognizes our industry has been devastated by the effects of COVID-19, and there is no set date for return. We were the first out and will be one the last to return.
  • continued financial support for live event workers until the industry is back to work.
  • assistance for companies throughout the supply chain who work to create, produce, manufacture and support the live event industry.