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VIDEO: And now, a little St. Patrick's Day mood music

Dustin and Jett Jones invite some friends and family along to collaborate

Dustin Jones, along with friends and family, wanted to share a song to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

He told SooToday that his daughter Jett suggested the song Soldier Poet King by The Oh Hellos to him after she searched 'King' in Spotify.

"She asked if we could learn it," Jones said. "I thought it might be a cool St. Paddy’s Day-ish tune to collaborate with some friends and their families."

The performers are:
Jett Jones - lead vocals
Dustin Jones - guitar
Frank Deresti - banjo
Helen and Eva Deresti - backing vocals
Greg MacLachlan - lead guitar
Arabella, Edie, and Maren MacLachlan - backing vocals
Aaron Dunn - drums
'Boss Tricks' - bass