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Travelling car show stops at KOA Campgrounds (18 photos)

Members of the Canadian Coasters are travelling in their vintage cars from Newfoundland to British Columbia

One of Canada’s most iconic travelling groups is staying overnight at the KOA Campgrounds on the northern edge of the city this evening.

Since 1967, the Canadian Coasters, a travelling vintage car group, have driven from coast to coast once every 10 years.

Although their previous tour was in 2017, event organizers decided to wait just five years this time around so that some of their more veteran members had at least one more shot at getting a countrywide drive-in.

This year, the group began their journey in St. John’s, Newfoundland, in early July, with a trajectory to make it to British Columbia by the end of August.

The group is staying at campgrounds across the country as they continue travelling west, including Wawa on Sunday and Thunder Bay on Monday.

The Canadian Coasters participate in a number of car shows during their 55-day tour, and members have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of excursions and activities along the way.

Many of the cars had their wheels dipped in the Atlantic Ocean back in July, and now the avid group of car fanatics are less than one month away from doing the same in the Pacific Ocean.

This year’s tour features close to 40 vintage cars and trailers, ranging in all sorts of makes, models, and years – from as old as 1929, to as recent as 1997.

To be eligible for the tour, participants’ vehicles must be at least 25 years old.

The Canadian Coasters prides itself on being the only car group in the world that travels coast to coast.

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