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The Sault will have a city-wide easter egg hunt in the age of social distancing. Here's how

SSM Easter Egg Hunt mobilizes community through social media, allowing kids to look for images of easter eggs around the Sault and surrounding area during COVID-19 pandemic
The SSM Easter Egg Hunt is intended to help area children have an easter egg hunt while respecting social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook photo

The social distancing measures issued as a result of the COVID-19 crisis won't prevent Sault Ste. Marie and area children from hunting for Easter eggs this spring, and it's all thanks to the ingenuity of one Saultite.  

The SSM Easter Egg Hunt was rolled out on social media Saturday, encouraging the public to create images of Easter eggs and attach them to the front of their homes, in hopes that parents will take their kids out for a ride to look for the images.  

The public social media group, which boasted more than 2,100 members as of Sunday afternoon, also calls on participants to let others know what streets the Easter eggs are located on. 

"Starting Monday, let's do an Easter egg hunt for our kids," reads a message on the event's social media page. "Put some Easter eggs in your window, paint them on or hang them, and post your street in the thread."

"Parents and kids can take a ride to go look for them! Let's make Sault Ste Marie really bright for the next couple of weeks!"

The SSM Easter Egg Hunt is asking that the public refrain from leaving their vehicles during the hunt. 

"Friends, please remember that in order to keep this game safe you must stay in your cars!" reads a post on the event's group page. "We should be distancing ourselves from each other as much as possible. We want to spread joy - not virus."

The SSM Easter Egg Hunt has also been extended to Prince Township, Echo Bay and St. Joseph Island.