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The rebirth of CKY (19 photos)

The band is set to release 'The Phoenix' on June 16 and came to the Sault to celebrate

Chad I Ginsburg didn’t have aspirations of fronting Pennsylvania rock band CKY. But following the departure of Deron Miller, Ginsburg along with Jess Margera and Matt Deis decided to keep the project going as a three-piece. That meant someone had to step up tot he mic.

“That was a job I didn’t particularity ever want,” Ginsburg told SooToday. “My hands have been full doing a lot of other things. But now that I’m doing it, it’s feels really natural. I was always a bit of a mascot clown on stage, now I just sing more. It’s a blast.”

The trio made a stop in Sault Ste. Marie last week to perform at the Canadian Night Club with touring mates, The Wild, and local openers A Dire Setback and Jack Spades.

CKY is touring in advance of it’s upcoming June 2017 release The Phoenix, the band’s first album in more than eight years. Produced by Ginsburg, The Phoenix was recorded at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California.

“Recording at Rancho, which is a pretty legendary studio in a magical spot out there in the California desert where a lot of really cool records have been made… it was such a magical musical place,” said Ginsburg.

“The record is kind of a rebirth of the band. The last two records – at that stage in the band and where everybody’s heads were – they were kind of forced. They were less inspired and kind of a copy-and-paste style. This record is more like out first two records – more natural, written ahead of time, demoed, jammed. That’s why we went to Rancho, to make a record like a real band does. There’s no samples, no auto-tune. So it translates live better as well.”

CKY’s The Phoenix is set for release on Friday, June 16, the kick-off date of the Van’s Warped Tour which CKY is a part of. To catch up with everything CKY, please click here.

Donna Hopper

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