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Smiles and songs with The Good Lovelies (8 photos)

The trio easily charmed the Sault crowd

With smiles, wit and harmonies for days, Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore – AKA The Good Lovelies – effortlessly charmed their Sault audience Friday night at the Sault Community Theatre Centre. And local fans were eager for it. It has been many years since the ladies last performed in this neck of the woods.

The Juno-winning trio brought their A-game as they reminisced with the crowd, recounting previous local gigs, poutine binging at the Westside Cafe, and late nights hanging with The Wild Turkeys. Their stunning voices and endless charm were the icing on the cake.

Earlier in the day, The Good Lovelies were kind enough to take part in a guitar class with Greg MacLachlan’s music students at White Pines C&VS. About 70 students, from Grades 7 through 12, took part in the workshop, he told SooToday. At the beginning of the week, MacLachlan invited musician Campbell Woods to the class for a similar workshop situation.

Caroline, Sue and Kerri played approximately 10 songs for the kids and answered questions about the music industry, touring, songwriting, and promotion.

“I didn’t have to steer the conversation at all,” he said. “The kids wanted to know about the music business. I loved that they got see that you can make a living in music and you don’t have to be Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. There’s lots of people doing it that aren’t world famous. They work hard and tour and it’s tiring, but it’s awesome and magical.”

From the Sault, The Good Lovelies will head to Thunder Bay to perform at Urban Abby Saturday night.

To learn more about The Good Lovelies, please click here.

Donna Hopper

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