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Sault-born acrobat explores Mongolian dance in Wind Horse

Jean-Luc Bedryk brings showcase of contemporary Mongolian dance pieces to Sault Community Theatre Centre
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Jean-Luc Bedryk is excited to share his love of traditional and contemporary forms of Mongolian dance with a hometown audience when Wind Horse comes to the Sault Community Theatre Centre Feb. 28.

The one-hour production, which was created and directed by Bedryk, features a group of nine dancers from the deserts and grasslands of Inner Mongolia.   

“I've now been studying Mongolian dance for almost six years and am still in love with it,” said Bedryk via email. “I always wanted to share it with my fellow Canadians, but I'm also thrilled I can give these up-and-comers a chance to have the world see their art when they otherwise may not have a chance.”

Bedryk – a Saultite who has performed as an acrobat in the circus arts over the past decade – moved to Inner Mongolia in order to study Mongolian traditional dance in 2015.

Now, he’s busy chasing his most recent dream - combining elements of Mongolian traditional dance and acrobatics.

Although he’s enlisted former classmates of his from Inner Mongolia Arts University to form the troupe for Wind Horse, Bedryk says that he still needs to be cautious when exploring Mongolian dance.

“We all have worked together with input from all sides on all of the pieces, but as a foreigner I've been very careful about about my involvement,” said Bedryk. “When it comes to the culture and folk arts of others, you really need to be careful and self aware.”

Bedryk says the showcase of contemporary Mongolian dance pieces show a youthful interpretation of "Mongolian myth, daily life and the natural environment."

“The dynamic and breathtaking numbers take inspiration from the roots of their nomadic heritage – steps resembling a horse’s leisurely gallop, the strength and agility of the revered wolf, the fluidity of the vast, open grasslands and the joyful, warm embrace of Mongolian hospitality,” he said.

Tickets for Wind Horse can be purchased online or at the Sault Community Theatre Centre box office.  

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