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Roberta Bondar inspires the next generation of photographers

175 area students will be part of an exhibit at the Art Gallery of Algoma
Roberta Bondar
Dr. Roberta Bondar. File photo

The Art Gallery of Algoma (AGA) presents the exhibition AGA Bondar Challenge: Opening and Presentation by Dr. Roberta Bondar on Dec. 7, 2017 from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. In partnership with The Roberta Bondar Foundation, the AGA worked with 175 students – Grades 4 and 5 this fall during the exhibition Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada by Dr. Roberta Bondar presented at the Gallery, to develop this exhibition.

With generous support from the Algoma District School Board and the Huron Superior Catholic District School Board, the AGA Bondar Challenge photographs will be on display at the Art Gallery of Algoma from Dec. 7, 2017 – Jan. 6, 2018.

The Art Gallery of Algoma, in partnership with The Roberta Bondar Foundation and the Algoma Fall Festival hosted Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada, exhibition of photographs by Dr. Roberta Bondar from Oct. 5 – Dec. 6, 2017. This exhibition was visited and provided inspiration for the AGA Bondar Challenge participants.

In addition, over 600 students in the Algoma district visited the exhibition during the Algoma Fall Festival. Six Grades 4 and 5 classes from the district worked through October and November to study photography and the natural environment. With the support from teachers, and inspired by the artwork of Dr. Roberta Bondar, students used the camera as a gateway to learn about the environment and to create works of art.

Field trips provided outdoor classrooms to study a variety of curriculum expectations outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education, including science, social studies and visual art. Each student submitted one photographic work of their own to the AGA Bondar Challenge.

This project extended from the Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge launched by The Roberta Bondar Foundation, when Northern Ontario was invited to express through photography what we admire and value in the natural world of our community and state what we hope will exist 150 years from now. The Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge was open to all groups, individuals and ages in each community.